Selasa, 22 Januari 2008


Don’t really know what I am thinking right now. But tonight I keep thinking about my friends. My TESL friends. I wish I could be with them forever. But I know I couldn’t. They are just amazing, superb friends! I know this is kind of exaggerating but really, Syukur to Allah for sending them to me. Different in characters, I don’t feel exhausted to get to know more about them. Or, may be I’ve never felt such this feeling before because I stayed in one place not longer than three years. I moved to a new school after PMR, and two years in that school, then I entered one year Matriculation College. Four years time of being together, learning, studying, hanging out and helping each other are not things that I will forget for my entire life. A million thanks to you guys… Allah blesses you. *hugs and kisses*

2 ulasan:

pHu YinG berkata...

Appreciate this unforgettable moment while it last, sis. :-)

AtiQah berkata...

Kak PY,
yes i do and i will, forever.. =D